You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the ability to use search services;
  • - the ability to determine the necessary level of data encryption.
To encrypt assigned to your computer by the provider IP address, you need to ensure you have an active network connection and open your web browser.
To encrypt IP addresses allow special programs anonymizers, or, as they are called proxy servers. Various programs allow you to use different levels of data security: the simplest is just to change IP addresses, more advanced is to encrypt all the traffic, assign a country which has the address of the computer to gain access to blocked pages, and more. Program-anonymizer works on the computer during the session connection to the Internet. Some of these programs are available to the user only on a paid basis. A significant number of users prefer to use for this purpose multi-platform proxy server TOR as the most ergonomic and useful.
Programs anonymizers require long-term settings and is currently used only by the users, leading an active online activity, it is of interest of Supervisory and law enforcement agencies. Users that require encryption of the IP addresses in some specific cases, I prefer to use a web proxy anonymizer version available on special sites. To use the web proxy open in your browser one of the search portal, please type in the search bar the word "anonymizer" and choose the most convenient for you web proxy.
Before using anonymizer which will allow you to change the IP address of the computer to access the blocked sites and to hide the traces of their activities, and make sure it meets your needs. For example, many web proxies are a paid service. Other services of concealment of traces of the free, but not allow you to work with scripts or some web forms type applications in the network "Vkontakte". Choose the anonymizer will help special directories. The best web proxies are currently considered the services,, and
Selecting the anonymizer log on the relevant website, type in the query string of the desired URL and press Go. This will open the page you have requested website, but the address of its encrypted address.