You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Communicating in a Live Journal or a variety of other services, the text to convey emotion in the form of smiles or e-cards. The Internet community actively uses it, by clicking on the cheerful faces and quickly mastering the simple science of a pleasant exchange of messages.
Not much harder to hide a link under one or more words in a beautifully designed label. Words to reveal the link are called "anchor". It allows you to not clutter up posts with gibberish links than adds functionality to the text and retains the visual beauty. However, often, users ignore these possibilities in the creation of text messages, because they do not know how to achieve the desired result and place the text in the form of an anchor.
There are two options for formatting text message. The first of them is carried out by using BB codes. This method is used mainly on forums. To create the anchor, the inscription must have the following:[url=http://nurlyit]freshes (i.e., anchor)[/url]it Remains to substitute "nurlyit" and "rathas (i.e., anchor)" is required, and can be readily the phrase paste to the forum.
Not to dial the combination manually, you can click in the message editor to "Insert link". After that, a window appears where you must specify the desired link and click OK. You will see the following window where you need to enter the desired anchor and again confirm the action. Consequently, the above inscription will appear automatically.
The second option text formatting based on HTML codes. To visitors of the blog or site I saw the right words, you must indicate the following:freshes (ANKOR)And in this case, the user can use the button "Insert link". A slight difference with the previous variant is that you must first dial the desired words of the anchor, then select it with your cursor and then press the button. After a window appears where you want to paste the link and confirm the action by pressing OK.