When you demolish and move any of the walls of the apartment or change doorways, all of these works are considered to be redevelopment. Before the start of work need to contact the city Bureau of technical inventory, which you will be able to know in what sequence it is necessary to conduct harmonization of redevelopment of your apartment.
Before conducting the matching procedure, you should ensure that your apartment was not carried out similar work. This is especially true for those who recently bought an apartment, because the previous owner could keep quiet about it. This is ordered in the BTI technical passport of the apartment and carried out the reconciliation plan in accordance with the specified in the floor plan. If there is no discrepancy, you can proceed to the next stage. In that case, if the apartment has already been made to the layout, it is necessary to legislate.
In addition to the technical passport of the apartment you will need a copy of legal documents that must be notarized. If the apartment was purchased the mortgage and the loan is not paid, will need the written permission of the Bank for redevelopment.
First, you will have to come to the inspector who will make all the necessary measurements. You need to make sure that the changes you plan to make, are consistent with sanitary, fire and building codes.
Then you need to contact the architect, it will be a flat plan view of transfer walls and other changes. Prepared project plan must be approved in according to the Bureau of technical inventory. After obtaining all the permissions you can start to work on the redesign of the apartment.
From illegal alterations has its negative sides. If you demolish a load-bearing wall, it can lead to tragic consequences, even to the collapse of the house. When you decide to privatize or sell an apartment, there will be that were made illegal alterations, you could be fined, moreover, you will be forced to return to the demolished wall and to dismantle the illegally erected.
When designing redevelopment project taken into account, which of their walls are load bearing and which are not. Called bearing walls, which hold the slabs, so they can not endure. Otherwise, the slab may collapse. The walls are made of concrete because they must withstand great strain. As a rule, interior wall one-bedroom apartments are not load-bearing, the wall of the foam also cannot be a carrier. Redevelopment of apartment in the panel house - a more complex project, since all the walls are concrete.