Collect and organize your complaints about the services provided Internet access by the current provider. If your claims are substantiated you will be able to terminate the contract with his provider without material cost to you. A compelling reason could be, for example, failure to comply with the terms of the agreement by the provider (the discrepancy of the declared connection speed real problems with stability of connection stated in the contract time, the lack of notification of maintenance and so on).
Find out what provideris connected m the house in which you live and check the possibility of direct connection of the package of services of these organizations in your apartment or in your private home. To do this, contact technical support desired organization by phone or via e-mail. If your house is connected to several providerm, in addition to your current one, you will be able to carefully study the supplied packages and special promotions that your use of the Internet may be cheaper or more profitable.
Specify the details of the procedure of the Internet connection from a new provider, prepare in advance a list of questions on the supplied package to be more aware. Do not rush to sign the contracts, read the terms as closely as possible.
Notify the current provider on termination of the contract with him. You can do it personally by coming to the service center and signed the relevant documents or pre-sending your complaint and notification of the termination of the contract by mail. Wait for confirmation of your application.
Call the masters from the organization whose services you want to use. Pay a certain amount for the work and, if necessary, purchase additional equipment. Wait for the connection. Get a package from your provider!