What is menstrual cycle is considered short

The normal duration of the menstrual cycle should be 21-31 day. There are cases where following menstruation in women occurs less than 21 days after the beginning of the previous one. Reducing the length of the menstrual cycle may indicate a number of serious pathologies.

Most often this kind of failure occurs because of various нарушениq the ovaries, the pituitary gland. Also this may be the consequence of surgical interventions, abortion, injuries, infections various kinds of infections. The cycle may become short, when woman long time in a state of stress, chronic fatigue. It may occur after discontinuation of oral contraceptives. Some ladies short cycle is a feature of their body.

Usually, in such situations, the duration of the menstrual period is shortened. Usually it takes no longer than 3 days. The selection can be quite poor.

What to do with a short menstrual cycle

If the duration of the menstrual cycle in women less than 21 days, this is an important reason for going to the doctor. After the patient's examination and referral for tests, the doctor decides what treatment is necessary.

If the cycle despite the shortening, you'll be normal ovulation, and the concentration of hormones in a woman's blood is within the normal range, it fully retains the ability to conceive. In this case hormonal therapy is not required. In the process of planning of pregnancy such pacientii should remember that they have ovulation occurs 7-8 days after the onset of menstruation. Thus, they can get pregnant in the first week after menstruation. To stabilize the cycle, the doctor may prescribe a sedative and tonic medicinal products, to advise plenty of rest.

In that case, if the expert fails to identify some violations, he may appoint a woman and hormone therapy. As a rule, this pathology is associated with excessive or not enough secretion of certain hormones.

Treatment is assigned depending on the definition, causes shortening of the menstrual cycle. For example, such violations can occur due to the premature resorption of the yellow body. The first phase of the cycle has a normal duration, ovulation occurs within the time frame, but the reduction of the cycle it causes shortening of the luteal phase. This pathology requires careful hormonal treatment.

Much more complex are considered to be situations in which the egg does not ripen at all, ovulation is absent. If a woman go to the doctor in a timely manner, it has a chance to cure this pathology.