To strengthen the vestibular apparatus is necessary since the childhood. As a rule, all children, leading a normal child, active, active lifestyle, sufficiently develop the vestibular apparatus. Therefore, the swing, somersaults, jumping, running is a great ways to workout.
An adult can strengthen your vestibular system in a similar way. Playing sports will help to keep in shape and the entire body. The rule is to do light Jogging. Also useful for such sports as volleyball, basketball, badminton. During these games move at different speeds, which greatly reduces the excitability of the unit.
If you have the opportunity to swing on the swings, be sure to use it, but do not immediately expose yourself to heavy loads – start with a light rocking. If you are confused by the prospect of being misunderstood by others, you can use alternative methods: a hammock, a rocking chair.
Very useful are the following exercises. Do daily rotating head movements, first clockwise, then – against, in each direction 10 times. Then do the tilt the head back and forth, left and right. During these exercises, you need to carefully monitor their well-being. If you feel dizziness or other unpleasant symptoms, stop the lesson and next time will reduce the number of repetitions of exercise.
Equally useful are the tilt of the torso. If after these exercises you feel good, try to do a few somersaults and, again, watch your health.
Try also to regularly do these exercises stand straight with your back straight, feet together. Close your eyes and hold the position prostite it for a minute. Then complicate the exercise: put your hands on the belt, closed my eyes, stand on tiptoes and hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly return to the starting position again and repeat. The number of repetitions choose for themselves, focusing on their feelings.