Advice 1: How to propose a girl to walk

To invite your favorite girl for a walk is alluring and at the same time a scary idea: what if she says no, or even worse, agree... it is Unclear where to go with her and what to talk about, and anyway she's so pretty – why would she want me...
How to propose a girl to walk
The invitation letter should be polite in form. You should not start it with, "Hey, friend..." - not all the girls like simplicity of manners. To make it easier to suck it up and not to look for walking topic of conversation, it is best to offer a cultural programme that will be of interest to you both.
If you want to invite to walk a familiar girl, then you know something about her Hobbies. If you are not too close, check with mutual friends. Learn not is there somewhere an exhibition on the theme, which is interested in the girl: it can be decorative and applied art, photography or exhibition of purebred animals. If a girl decides that you have shared Hobbies, your chances of successful development of relationship it will grow. Can ask advice from a girl where to look for trained dogs or stone crafts, and invite her to go together.
If a girl likes sports, invite her to ski, Cycling, or on the tennis court or skating rink with artificial ice. On nature bring a thermos of tea or cold brew – the girl will appreciate your concern and foresight.
If you just met and shared friends you have, you can invite her to the movies after learning her preferences, to a disco or to a cafe. If it is difficult to decide on the invitation from the café, think - surely your city has some interesting sights. Invite the girl to go there. However, if you need to get on the road, warn her in advance that she shod accordingly – high heels is not comfortable. After the walk you can go to relax in the café it will be convenient and natural.
The man is unacceptable to be late for a meeting, it is assumed that the girl can afford a small delay.
Useful advice
Don't be afraid to ask a girl out for a walk. The worst thing that can happen is she says no, though not necessarily.

Advice 2: Where to go for a walk with a girl

A date with a girl is an extremely important phase from which depends the development of your further relations. A fairly easy option is to walk. It is important to organize it so that your companion was not boring.
Where to go for a walk with a girl
Consider carefully your route. View a map of the city and highlight all the most scenic and romantic places to walk in which is a pleasure. Pay attention to the ones that are near the girl's home. I don't think she will like the offer to go on other end of the city, even if it is something unusual. But if you've been Dating for a while, you can try to go somewhere further than usual.
Go for a walk with a girl in the city's largest Park. Even if this idea does not seem too interesting, your companion may love it. Nowadays, young people are busy at school or work, and rarely fails to walk in the fresh air, especially in the company of the opposite field. Well, if the Park has a pond, benches and lawns where you can sit together and chat in a cozy atmosphere.
Go to the embankment, if there is one in your city. This place is also quite romantic, and it is unlikely she will refuse to walk there. Especially beautiful to watch the water surface at sunset. Also, this may be your first kiss and even declarations of love.
Visit any event in the open air, such as a concert, theatrical performance, town festival, etc. Find out in advance which events will be held in the city on the day of your date and invite the girl to go together.
Organize a picnic, if the weather permits. Not necessary to go far beyond the city. You can sit at a comfortable clearing in the forest or Park, away from prying eyes. You will be able to spend more time alone and become closer to each other.
Invite the girl to stay active and go along for the ride on the bike or skis in the woods. So you'll be able to spend time with fun and health benefits.

Advice 3: Where is the best place to take a walk in the suburbs

Sometimes in order to relax and regain strength enough to get away from the bustling city, leaving the everyday hustle and bustle. The suburbs are able to offer the region a variety of recreation options throughout the year. Historic manors, museums, nature reserves, rivers and lakes - the list of unforgettable walks are truly great.
Where is the best place to take a walk in the suburbs
Near suburbs – a favorite vacation spot of Muscovites and guests of the capital city. On the territory of Moscow region is almost more architectural monuments of Russian culture than in the capital, and the beautiful nature of these places, inspired by centuries of writers and artists, has a pleasant pastime.

The best places for walking in the suburbs

Only one hour drive from the city is one of the major gems of the capital region – the Museum-estate "Arkhangelsk". This is truly a place of worship will appeal to all, without exception, lovers of architecture. On the estate carefully restored garden and Park ensemble, and in the collections of the Museum of the complex represents the finest examples of artistic creativity. Often, there are large exhibitions of paintings and performances of the orchestras chamber music.

Every year the manor gets a major jazz festival in the open air "Manor jazz", during which all lovers of this direction can explore the superb music performed by Russian and foreign jazz bands. Arkhangelskoye estate is one of those places where so nice to briefly escape from the noisy and stuffy city and enjoy the old world charm.

Where is the best place to take a walk in the suburbs with children

Choosing where to go in the suburbs with children, you should pay attention to the Museum of Military-Air forces of Russia in Monino. To get here by car is about one hour. It is the largest Museum of its kind in Russia. Here are an extensive collection of examples of civil and military aircraft, including several hundred aircraft, strategic bombers and military helicopters. The separate exposition is reserved for demonstration of models of nuclear weapons. Children will be able to see the history of Aeronautics, and to see the most famous pieces of hardware that make up the pride of Russian and world aviation.

Another place, a visit to which will present enthusiastic emotions to children of all ages, will be the Museum of Vadim ZADOROZHNY, which is located about 20 km from Moscow, near the estate Arkhangelsk. This is the largest collection of vintage cars, vintage motorcycles and military vehicles from around the world, based on the collection of unique and rare models of Soviet and Western industry. Museum of Vadim zadorozhnogo will not leave indifferent neither one child!

Advice 4: Where to walk with a girl in Moscow

In Moscow there are many interesting places to explore with your loved one. Have a nice time with a girl by visiting one of the parks or parkways of Moscow. Romantic destinations are many and each of them has its own charm and appeal.
Where to walk with a girl in Moscow

Marsh quay

Beautiful views of the Moscow river can be enjoyed together with a girl, if you walk along the promenade, which is located near Bolotnaya square and Luzhkov bridge. This place brings beloved on romantic thoughts and allows you to escape from the bustle of the city.

Crimean bridge

The Crimean bridge is a calling card of the capital. If you look at it from afar, it may seem that it is very light and almost weightless and floating over the Moscow river. It is located near the Crimean area, close to metro Park Kultury.

The Park Of Arts "Muzeon"

For lovers of cultural activities and exposure to art is always open to the Park "Muzeon", which is a modern exhibition under the open sky. Here you can see the works of foreign and domestic artists, is made of stone, wood, metal. In addition to smart trips, you can visit with a girl cinema outdoor sessions which take place every day.
The Park is located on Krymsky Val, metro Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury.

Boulevard ring

Boulevard ring, which is a 10 United boulevards, perfect for long walks with the girl. It can be called the historical center of Moscow. Despite the name this place the boulevards stops at the West area Prechistensky gate, and to the East by the Large Ustinsky bridge, and the length of the Boulevard is 9 km away and it is believed to be the Boulevard ring is a monument of landscape gardening art.

Borisovskiy pond

The pond, located on the river Gorodnya part of the Tsaritsyno ponds and is located in the Tsaritsyno Park. It is the large pond but also a place for relaxation, swimming and boating. The closeness to nature and the still water creates a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for a date with a girl.
The pond is located near metro station Borisovo.

North river terminal

One of the symbols of the capital and a monument of Stalinist architecture is situated near the Khimki reservoir. The building, built during the Soviet Union, it looks like a ship out on the terrace which is equipped with fountains "South" and "North". They symbolize two important water areas to the capital.
North river station is located at the address Leningradskoe shosse, 51, m. River station.

Advice 5: How to spend the evening with the girl

If you want to please his beloved girl, then throw her a romantic evening. Do not have to have any special reason to do this. Surprise will always be welcome and will bring much joy and happiness.
How to spend the evening with the girl
Take his girlfriend on a weekend out of town. If it is winter you can go skiing, and eveningohms together to warm up by the fireplace. If warm outside, you can just take a walk. In any case, out of the city for a weekend to remember. You breathe in the fresh air and relax from the urban bustle that will surely lift your mood.
Almost every girl likes to be photographed. Arrange a surprise to her, inviting the photographer. You'd better pre warn the girl that she carefully prepared for the date, or she may simply refuse to be photographed, Recalling not a bad appearance. Arrange some fun and funny photo session.
Prepare dinner together and a girl. Don't have to cook something unusual and exotic. It can be a regular soup or a meat dish that you prefer. The cooking process will allow you to bond even more. Can also arrange screenings of home movies. Buy some discs with your favorite movies girls together and start viewing. Go to the cinema to a movie. If the summer you can rent bikes and ride them around the city. This walk you will remember for a long time.
+ - You can have a great evening with the girl if you call her just to walk around the city. Nice summer restaurant is also a good place to spend an evening with a girl. Be sure to go there and order hot dishes, exotic Sal
Useful advice
Among the great variety of parks, gardens, recreation areas, not as easy as it seems at first glance to choose a suitable place for Hiking. You can slowly walk along the Boulevard ring, to plunge into the sea of green foliage of a Botanical garden or to visit interesting museums and exhibitions of the Moscow center. Where to spend the evening with the boy or girl in Moscow?

Advice 6: Where to go in Kiev to walk

Kiev, like any ancient city, has a long Hiking. It is a beautiful city where there are lots of attractions, museums and temples.
Where to go in Kiev to walk
If you like urban Hiking, be sure to check out the capital. This wide street is always filled with tourists. There are many cafes and ethnic restaurants, clubs and other places of recreation. Beautiful flower beds and fountains ensure a pleasant walk even on the hottest day. Winter on Khreshchatyk attracts a large ice rink with a beautiful festive tree.
Fans of historic architecture must visit the complex of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Start the walk right after you exit from the metro station "Dnepr". On the territory of the temple complex are interesting museums and slender beautiful Church. If you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stroll through the lanes and alleys of a neat garden of the monastery. From hunger you will save a monastery canteen and a bakery where you can find delicious and freshest pastries.
In the Cathedral of St. Sophia, you can continue your tour of ancient Holy sites. This monastic complex includes several ancient buildings of Kiev. The imagination of the millennial graffiti. Simple labels allow you to feel involvement in the story. Connoisseurs will appreciate the murals on the walls of the Cathedral. A walk through a manicured garden of monastic calm and set up a peaceful settlement.
If you are going to Kiev in the spring or summer, think about river cruises on the broad Dnieper. Modern pleasure boats will comfortably take you along the coastline where you can take photos of the capital of Ukraine, situated on the high banks of the Dnieper.
Fans of military history can sensibly spend time in the Museum of the great Patriotic war. This Museum is located under the monument "Motherland". The exposition of the exhibition halls tells about the most difficult test of our history. And under the open sky is the Museum of technology during the Second world war. In some cars and airplanes to sit in and take pictures.
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