You will need
  • - the space for shelter;
  • - staff to work in the shelter;
  • - material for equipment enclosures;
  • - animal feed;
  • - means for care of animals;
  • - drugs.
Assemble a team that will work together with you to help you in the organization of the shelter. Everyone should do their duties and be responsible for a certain thing. Employees must be able to care for animals and love them. Must have an experienced employee or a veterinarian, who will constantly monitor the condition of the animals, if necessary, to bring them to a veterinary clinic.
Contact the administration of his district in the Department on work with public organizations. There, you will prompt how correctly to register the organization.
Find the room in which it will be possible to organize a shelter. A building or premises for the shelter has to provide animal protection and normal living conditions, to have sewer and water.
Tool room enclosures, purchase feed, medicine, products for animal care. This will require money. You have to look for sponsors who could help the shelter on a regular basis. Enclosures should be ventilated or ventilated, have sufficient size for the habitat of the animal, to keep warm in the cold season. The room should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Animals should be kept in single cages, to make it easier to keep track of their health status, as well as to inhibit the growth of infections. If this is not possible, and animals are few, you should observe the following rules: not to keep in one cage of animals of the same sex, get together, dogs and cats, sick animals be kept apart from healthy and aggressive animals isolated from the rest. When the content in the same room. everyone should have enough space to stand, lie down, turn around and sit.
Each animal that enters the shelter, you will have to complete a standard form which contains a description of the animal, health status, medical care and placement in a shelter.