Advice 1: How to open a shelter for homeless animals

The animal shelter is a place where homeless, lost or abandoned animals mostly dogs and cats. In the sheltere they provide veterinary care, care for the animal (feed, give water), looking for a new home or a new habitat. To create a shelter on their own, you need a friendly team, room for a shelter and sponsors that will help you in the maintenance of a shelter everything you need.
How to open a shelter for homeless animals
You will need
  • - the space for shelter;
  • - staff to work in the shelter;
  • - material for equipment enclosures;
  • - animal feed;
  • - means for care of animals;
  • - drugs.
Assemble a team that will work together with you to help you in the organization of the shelter. Everyone should do their duties and be responsible for a certain thing. Employees must be able to care for animals and love them. Must have an experienced employee or a veterinarian, who will constantly monitor the condition of the animals, if necessary, to bring them to a veterinary clinic.
Contact the administration of his district in the Department on work with public organizations. There, you will prompt how correctly to register the organization.
Find the room in which it will be possible to organize a shelter. A building or premises for the shelter has to provide animal protection and normal living conditions, to have sewer and water.
Tool room enclosures, purchase feed, medicine, products for animal care. This will require money. You have to look for sponsors who could help the shelter on a regular basis. Enclosures should be ventilated or ventilated, have sufficient size for the habitat of the animal, to keep warm in the cold season. The room should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Animals should be kept in single cages, to make it easier to keep track of their health status, as well as to inhibit the growth of infections. If this is not possible, and animals are few, you should observe the following rules: not to keep in one cage of animals of the same sex, get together, dogs and cats, sick animals be kept apart from healthy and aggressive animals isolated from the rest. When the content in the same room. everyone should have enough space to stand, lie down, turn around and sit.
Each animal that enters the shelter, you will have to complete a standard form which contains a description of the animal, health status, medical care and placement in a shelter.

Advice 2: How to identify a dog in a shelter

The first shelters are designed to contain the remaining without owners Pets began to operate in the United States in the nineteenth century. In Australia, the first such institution was organized in 1912, it operates to this day. In Russia such shelters act as a municipal enterprise, but most of it exists on private donations or created social organizations, staffed by volunteers.
How to identify a dog in a shelter

How to operate shelters for dogs

Depending on the form of ownership, shelters for Pets have different purposes. Municipal shelters, which is not so much intended for the temporary detention of stray animals caught on streets. The meager funds allocated for their maintenance, only allow dogs to place several pieces in a fairly tight enclosures and to ensure their single meal, which is used as cheap feed, with nothing else, except bone meal.

While the content of the animal to the municipal shelter is limited to six months and if during this time the owner of it is not there, the animal is euthanized simply. Of course, in the case of illness, veterinary care provided the dog will not. To rely on the humanity of the staff is also not particularly necessary in municipal shelters operate low-skilled workers mostly from the southern republics.

Those shelters that provided by public organizations are constantly experiencing difficulties. This deficit of funds for maintenance, and the lack of a sufficient number of workers, and the authorities ' unwillingness to assist or at least to formally allocate land for shelter. But in such places the animal can rely on the dental services that provide free of charge specialized clinics, and the maintenance of the old. We must pay tribute to the volunteers of these shelters are doing everything possible so that the dog has found a new host.

In private shelters staffed by professional trainers, able to provide qualified assistance animal, but they are designed so that the owners surrendered the animal to the shelter will provide him with an allowance at least at the vet and feed them.

How to take the dog to a shelter

If you have the situation is really hopeless and you can't leave the animal at home, still you should first try to attach it to some kind-hearted people, many more of them. In that case, when that doesn't work, find out through Internet what are the shelters for stray animals are functioning in your city. If there is a choice, try to leave a dog in a private or public shelter and support of well-wishers from it at least some material resources or maybe construction materials to build the cage, feeds, drugs. But you must understand that the shelters is not the place where the animals feel good, no matter what the content of it there or it was provided.

Advice 3: How to give the dog to a shelter

Pets that are left without owners or live on the street, have little chance for a normal and safe life. And dogs can become victims of his capture and subsequent euthanasia. If you care about the fate of street dogs, you can try to give her to a shelter or overexposure.
How to give the dog to a shelter
In every city there are municipal shelterto homeless animals. They are animals, caught on the street, aggressive or old dogs. The territory of the orphanageand located the cages in which animals are kept. As a rule, all cages are on the outside, and in cold weather animals have no opportunity to warm up. Many dogs do not survive the cold. The food in the shelterOh is quite scarce, meat give a little. In order to make the animals life in the shelter, e the volunteers arrive. They walk with the dogs, trying to find them new owners. If the animal is old or sick, then after a couple months of living in a shelteris euthanized his staff. Places in cages is not enough, and new animals arrive almost every day. If the dog you care and you care about its fate, in a shelter for animals it is better not to give. Sometimes it's better to live on the street than in a small cold cell, starving.
A good alternative to the municipal shelterof am could be a private shelters that Finance a charitable organization. Private shelters units in the country and they are usually crowded because they have a small territory and limited financial resources. In this shelter can make an animal if you will make some funds or buy essential food or medicines.
You can give the dog the so-called overexposure. Overexposure realize individuals who care for animals for a fixed monthly fee. A content dog is fully payable by you. The amount of monthly payments can start from 3,5–5 thousand roubles and to reach 7-10 thousand. This amount includes the maintenance of animals in good conditions, feeding, walking, possible veterinary care for sick animals, as well as the income of the temporary owner. Overexposure animal can live until you find a new or old host. Your task will be an active search for people who want to take a dog into the family.
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