If the dog lives in the house, many owners as a place limited to the usual rug or mattress. Of course, this bedding does not require special care, but if you take some time and build your pet a real home, it will be very grateful to you, because all dogs love to spend time in shelters.
как сделать дом для собаки
If you have a home with a small dog, the house can be made of fabric and foam. Various patterns easy to detect in specialized dog magazines or on the Internet. Gives new meaning to a houseand is that it is very convenient to wash in the washing machine on delicate mode the extent of contamination of the tissue.
сделать место собаке
Another option is to make a house out of ordinary cardboardboxes Noah. Penetrate into her entrance, and at the bottom lay a soft Mat. The disadvantage of this design is that cardboard absorbs odors very that dogs have enough proof, so the box itself will have to change once or twice a month. Wash the litter from the houseand needed every one to two weeks, depending on how quickly it becomes dirty.
как построить сабаке кануру
A small booth for an apartment can be built out of plywood or thin boards. The walls of the houseand it is better to paint paint, to make it easier to wipe down during cleaning. The size of the booth should be such that the dog could easily lay there.
If your dog lives on the street, the design of the booth must be left to chance. First of all, decide the place. It should be dry and give the animal a good review, that is, he dog must be able to see the whole yard.
The best material for the construction of street a houseand a tree. If you expect that the dog will be in it and in the winter, you need to make the construction of double walls with insulation.
The most important thing when building a dog house - make a comfortable floor and walls without cracks, as drafts can harm the health of your pet.
At the bottom of the box lay a warm blanket, and cover the entrance with a tarp in the summer (this will help keep the box dry in the rain) and felt in the winter (this material will remain in the doghouse heat).
The roof of the street boxes convenient to upholster slate or roofing iron.