Ownership is a concept used in civil law of the Russian Federation for the designation of private property. In accordance with the provisions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, a property can have both physical and legal persons.
The property may be any property, with the exception of certain species which by law may not belong on the property right to citizens or legal persons. The property owner is entitled to possession, use and disposal, this allows the property to pass the property from one person to another.
The average person is very difficult to understand not only the laws but also the documents on the property. It is therefore advisable when purchasing real estate or expensive vehicles to contact a lawyer, as ignorance can be costly.
A document confirming the right of ownership of real estate (apartment, house, land or a garage) is a certificate of ownership issued by the body carrying out state registration of real estate transactions.
The right of ownership arises on the basis of a legal document – the contract of purchase and sale, rent, donation, equity participation in the construction, certificates of membership the right of inheritance, court decision and so on.
To the title documents of the land, in addition to the previously listed includes the acts of state bodies, decree of the head of administration of the land in the property.
The right of ownership to the land plot may also be confirmed by a certificate of the right of lifetime inheritable possession and the certificate of the right of permanent (perpetual) use. To the above evidence necessarily follow the relevant government regulations for the transfer of land.
Real estate transactions subject to obligatory state registration, namely from the moment of state registration the right of ownership moves from the seller to the buyer. In the name of the purchaser issued a certificate of ownership purchased the property.
Acquiring a vehicle you need to remember that to wield it by proxy is impossible. A document confirming the right of ownership on a car can be a contract of sale, bill of sale, contract of donation, a certificate of entry into inheritance, the court's decision. Passport vehicle (TCP) and the certificate of registration is registration documents of the vehicle. Registration and registration by the bodies of traffic police.