The location of the bookmarks file

Depending on the version of your operating system, the Mozilla bookmarks file is stored in the corresponding folder of the user. To clarify the location of this directory in your system, you can open the program window by clicking on the appropriate desktop shortcut or quick launch. Then in the address bar of the program the top of the window, type the query to opera:about. The screen will display information about the current version of the utility.
In the section "Path to profile folder" will indicate the location of the folder where you store program settings in the system.

Operating systems Windows 7 and 8 data utilities are in the folder "start" - "Computer" - "Local disk C:" - Users – AppData – Roaming – Mozilla. In Windows XP this folder is located in the directory "My documents". To see the correct directory, click on menu "Properties" upper pane "Explorer" Windows. After that click "folder Options". Go to the tab "View" where you place a checkmark in the section "Hidden files and folders" "Show hidden files". Click "OK" to save the changes.

Change the bookmark file

After gaining access to the Opera folder, locate the document bookmarks.adr. Right button click on the file and select "Open with". In the list of programs, select Notepad.

Structurally, all the layouts are blocks. Each link has an associated set of parameters, which affect its display in the application menu. The ID parameter helps to return the sequence number of bookmarks for the browser. This line should not be edited because it does not affect the display of elements.

The NAME parameter is the name of the bookmark in the menu. The URL specifies the address to which the program moves when you click the link. Section CREATED specifies the creation time of this item (in UNIX format). Description displays the description that appears when you hover the mouse on an item in the bookmarks menu in the program. The UNIQUEID attribute assigns a unique value to reference.
ID #FOLDER lists the names of subfolders in directory of bookmarks. Edit them if you want to change the names of directories with similar links.

Change the NAME parameter and the URL in the window "Notepad" by typing the corresponding text value after the " = " sign. Save your changes by clicking on "File" - "Save" in the program window. Then, start Opera and check your settings.

Manual method of editing the references is particularly useful when you want to change the name of several menu items bookmarks.