You will need
  • - computer with DVD drive;
  • - a special program recorded on the computer.
Try to copy the files from the DVD to the computer using Windows Explorer. To do this, insert the desired disk and run it. Open "My computer" and then right-click on the drive icon.
In the opened contextual menu, select "Explorer". The disc opens in an ordinary file folder. Download contents folder of the disk on the computer in the right place for you. If you are attempting to copy POPs up an error message, use for burning the disc with a special program.
Make on hard drive of computer a separate folder to save the data of the program which will download – this will prevent "scatter" files when loading and saving. Download from Internet the program DVD Decrypter is one of the most convenient and most reliable software for downloading files from write-protected disks.
Unpack the archive with the installation package of the program DVD Decrypter, send the installation file to the eve folder and run the installer. Before you run the program you remove unwanted files. Install the software on your computer and created before the work folder by a pop-up instructions. Restart the computer to avoid malfunction of the software.
Insert the disk into the computer drive. Download the program, close the drive and immediately close the window of the autorun disc menu. Now make sure that the "Mode" menu select the "File".
Select the folder to which files will be copied (you can create a new folder on the hard disk) - click on the icon with a folder in Ocone "Destination" and specify the path. Click the icon with the green arrow. The program begins to copy the write-protected files from the DVD to your computer.