You will need
  • disk drive or an external DVD drive with USB cable
The most simple operation, which is necessary when computer or the laptop – insert a disk in drivea hornet. Already gone down in history, drives that can read only CD or DVDdiskI. They were replaced by the universal diskgadflies, able to read information from any drive: standard CD, DVD, bilateral and mini-CD.For operation to implement diskand diskgadfly will need: a discdrive or an external DVD drive with USB cable.
The algorithm space a diskand in diskgadfly-one, but depending on the type of diskand or the diskitself there are some nuances, which are described below. So, instruction on inserting the discin the drive system unit the following:
Press the Eject button or Open on the drive. To open the tray, insert the disc recorded side downwards, placing it with the hole on spencely the engine until it clicks. Press repeatedly the Eject button or Open or give the tray in the movement of his hand until it clicks characterizing the closure of the diskitself.
Nuances depending on the types of drives. The system unit is equipped with an optical drive, to load the disk should be strictly according to instructions. Drive notebook open and click the Open button, close the hand until it clicks. External DVD drive is required to read information from the diskand with the help of Netbook not equipped with a built-in drive. The connection is via USB cable. Download of the diskand the external drive procedure is the same as in the diskgadfly of the system unit. Has a record without leaving the tray. In this case, the disc slightly in a horizontal slide hole-side down informative. After work, pull the drive from this drive with the button Open.
Nuances depending on types of diskagents. If the discand both sides are shiny, it is either bilateral disk, or one-sided. Determine which side of the diskand has recorded information. To do this, look closely at the disk, preferably at an angle and near a bright light source. The record boundary will be clearly visible on the informative side and absent on the decorative. Mini-CD insert in drive strictly on spencely engine. Some trays are equipped with special deepening for 80 mm disk.