You will need
  • Meter straight pipe heating
Note that the counter for the individual apartments can only be installed in homes with door-to-door wiring, houses, heating which is designed so that if one unit is shut off, it will not affect the supply of the house. Thus, in houses with vertical risers accounting for individual apartments to make will be impossible.
Get the heat meter in the store household goods. The heat meter measures the amount of hot water passing through the heating tubes. The result is given in cubic meters. In addition, measured the temperature of this water.
Call the wizard for installing the meter. Usually the company that sells similar equipment, they suggest to install. There are regulations on the installation, for example, the meter should be installed on a straight section of pipe, there is a certain distance before and after the meter must not contain the pipe bends.
Contact communal organization that produces the service of your home. The meter readings are not considered valid if it is not adopted and sealed by an appropriate authority.
Should be carried out periodically, acts of verification of readings of the heat meter.
If you continue to receive large bills, your supplier of heating, most likely, delivers the water a greater temperature than normal. Read the contract with the supplier and set out in this rule. If this level is exceeded, you have the right to demand lowering the temperature, including in a judicial order.
Read the standards of consumption of utilities, written in Russian, PP 307.