For starters, let's say about what not to do trying to love a girl, is to binge and act according to the method of "like cures like". Booze will not help to extinguish the experience. On the contrary, very many, it makes depression worse. In addition, fascinated by this process, very easy to drink. Method "a wedge a wedge" will not bring anything except superficial acquaintances. As a result, they only strengthen the longing for her, because all the surrounding girls will seem "not so."
Now, where to begin. With the desire to stop loving the girl you love. Oddly enough, but many people, suffering from love, do not do this step. It is possible that they just don't understand that their desire may be to change something. Meanwhile, it is crucial. In order to efficiently formulate your desire, mark the time when you will not be disturbed, and think about what robs you of your unrequited feeling of self-esteem, good mood, good time, opportunity to build new relationships, and so on. Realizing this, firmly tell yourself that you are going to love the girl you love, and live on without her happy, fulfilling lives.
Then have the courage to give up everything that reminds you of the beloved: her photographs, gifts, forgotten her things. Erase the memory of "your" song, not revising the movies you once watched together. Delete her from your contacts in social networks, erase the numbers of its phones. It will not be easy, but then you will feel that you stand firmly on the path of liberation from hindering you feelings.
Similarly, avoid meetings and conversations with the girl and also with her girlfriends, friends, and those people with whom you used to talk about it.
Having done all, to trace his girlfriend disappeared from your horizon, to failure take all the time of his life that had even a minute in order to bump into thoughts about her. Take up a new project at work, sign up to the sports section, make new friends, find new classes. Let your life will not be what it was with her. While it is important to enjoy this new life. If you will be good to control yourself, love will quickly fade away.