Advice 1: How to understand that relationship is over

Signs that the relationship has outlived its usefulness, appear long before the gap. First bells - indifference, non-participation in his life, the rejection of the meetings due to extreme fatigue or employment, etc.
How to understand that relationship is over
Analyze your feelings that arise with a partner. If you realize that you no longer have interest in each other, the relationship will likely have to finish. Do the same if only one of the pair has ceased to love. Release even contrary to their own feelings. To force a person to be around, but to regain its former warmth - no.
Remember, when you last met. Do you desire to be together? If not, this is a fairly obvious sign that you no longer want to meet. If this is not a temporary phenomenon and a state of alienation arose after a quarrel, and became the norm, such relationships better than to interrupt. Or they will grow into a friendly and then friendly. Can't be lovers, remaining good friends and helping each other in everything. But this scenario is only possible if none of the parties no claims to the partner. Otherwise, to leave without scandal is unlikely to succeed.
Pay attention to the behavior of the second half. Possible that began a new, parallel relationship. And they last for quite some time. Here to hope for the restoration of peace in the pair is not worth it. Even if the partner you choose, to forget the offense will be very difficult. There is a lack of understanding and mistrust that still break the Union. You can put up with a fleeting affair, but a long-term relationship on the side - the reason for the collapse of many marriages.
Stop tolerating disrespect from the partner. Especially if he is not seeking forgiveness. Or indifferent to common problems. Raised my hand and constantly raises her voice. Order to refrain from discussing far-reaching plans. One goes on vacation, spends weekends and free evenings with friends. Doesn't want to face your parents. All these are indications that the second half is not interested in continuation of relations. Try to change the situation, moving a loved one for a Frank conversation. If the conversation did not work out, he's probably already made a decision about the breakup. Some time do not insist on meetings. If the partner does not call, consider yourself free for a new love.
Do not confuse a temporary cooling of relations and the upcoming gap. Even loving pairs event of a crisis. Why not shoot from the hip. Talk with a partner, find out what was bothering him. Only then take a final decision. Maybe people are just tired, depressed, everything goes wrong. Then, help him, provide moral support. Such tests only strengthen the Union, making it strong and durable.

Advice 2 : 5 signs that relations have been exhausted

After a period of romantic love, passion and tenderness of any couple sooner or later, inevitably, the downturn in relations. This period shows the suitability of partners to each other in the long term, does it make sense to further develop the relationship. Perhaps the relationship is completely exhausted and you need to be honest to admit it. What are the obvious signs that the relationship is already exhausted?
5 signs that relations have been exhausted


  1. The priorities and values that prevailed in the honeymoon period, significantly shifted. Gone are the days when you were the center of the Universe for each other, no day can not live without meetings, constantly called up or written off. And now you've become less and less to meet, to call. You notice that you have a partner or you have to constantly be other, more important things to do than chat. As they say, if a person wants to – looking for opportunities, if do not want – looking for the cause.
  2. Relations became increasingly dominated by hopeless boredom. You were not alone, you have nothing to talk about, you know everything beforehand. You have nothing to surprise each other, and most importantly, lost the desire to do it. You rarely have a mutual romantic signs of attention, say nice words.
  3. When hormonal shake-up took place, you began to realize that, besides sex, you have little in common. No common cause, Hobbies, circle of friends... Maybe even sex too has ceased to please, became ordinary and predictable.
  4. You do not touches, as before, physical or mental shortcomings of the partner. Now they are increasingly cause dull irritation until rejection. Through a period of idealization of the partner. You're not an angel, but an ordinary man, not trying to look better and not hiding negative traits.
  5. You are already uncomfortable and cold together, but yet scared to leave. While you are holding the habit and the fear that apart may be even worse. There was a fear of loneliness or the fact that the next partner will not are worthy of this.


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