Decide whether you want to part with a loved one. Weigh the pros and cons and see what outweighs. With this decision, it is better not to hurry, because the desire to break up with a girl can be temporary and occur for reasons such as the quarrel, stress, jealousy, the need to leave etc. You should be aware that way back, most likely, will be gone.
Tune in to a serious conversation with your spouse, consider all of your possible phrases her reaction to such a statement. Once you decide how you will reassure the girl, will you be able to communicate with her in the future.
Try to bring the girl to the conversation. Within a few days keep discouraged, speak with your second half as possible. Remember all the negative that don't like you girl. For example, start again to spend more time with friends, stop doing things for her, forget about the romance. Eventually the girl will want to talk to you and immediately realize that something was wrong.
Socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. We will state all the reasons why you want to leave. Don't raise your voice and do not swear. No need to call all the negative features of the girl, this will further upset her. To leave a person you love is always very hard, but if she can understand you, then steadfastly endure the loss.
Be prepared for probable scandal from the girls. Just in case, take away personal items, as well as various dangerous goods. Speak to eye to eye, in any case does not clarify the relationship by phone or by correspondence online. It is important that you were there and immediately helped the girl to calm down.
Observe the behavior of girls after the breakup. If she is in a long depression, don't try to talk to her, so it will only get worse. Try asking any of your mutual friends talk to her and comfort her.