The most convenient for self-production are wood. Take a thick wood: maple, ash, beech. Cut it from the disks of the required thickness and impregnate them with varnish, for example, parquet.
Calculate the main transmission gear and pinion (shaft) hours, given that the second shaft makes one revolution in 1 minute, the Central shaft (minute) rotates for 1 hour. In the simplest calculation is necessary to obtain the nine main gears and three additional for the host plant.
Undercut of the workpiece in accordance with the received size. The trib ends make holes for mounting the supporting shaft of bamboo or metal.
Cut on the pinion and gear teeth by using modular milling cutters or CNC machine (if you have it there).
Carve the wood arrows, anchor fork, fork, pendulum, pulleys, weights, hand crank, dial.
Then glue the arrow to watch the wheels, put the gear on tribe. Fabricate platinum (space for installation shafts) of the same wood, drill the holes for the shafts. Make a wooden dumbbell (utilite its metal or cement from the inside).

Collect the clock, hang the pendulum, run them and adjust.