Find out if you are eligible to return the watch to the store. This can be done if they are faulty by the fault of the manufacturer. In that case, if you just stopped liking, you can always replace it. Are not subject to exchange those watchesthat are installed warranty period. Also you will not be able to return to the store accessory is partially made from gold, silver or platinum, or bejeweled. Other models can be brought back to the store within fourteen days after purchase.
If your watch can be returned under the law, please contact the store. Come back with the watch, receipt and warranty card, if issued at purchase. Accessory without warranty you can exchange for the same, or ask to return your money. When prescribed warranty your watch will be sent for free repair. And only if it does not help, you can request your money.
Will receive back a repaired watch or money. If you refuse to fix them and repair the damage, contact consumer protection. It will help you to be a competent a complaint that could affect the store. Productive may be appeal directly to producers hours if it is quite a famous brand. Fearing for his reputation, the firm can meet you and tell you to replace the defective product.
If there is no response to your claim from the store go to court. But it makes sense only if we are talking about a significant amount of compensation. Otherwise you will spend more money on examination of the quality of goods purchased.