Remember how you were when you first met each other. Everything has a value: appearance, manner of communication and behavior, preferences and interests. Has anything changed since then? Is it possible to regain your enthusiasm and sparkle in his eyes? Try to at least slightly resemble the girl. Men always secretly hope that their favorite woman never changed. So he wants you to always have remained what it was on the first date.
If you have not paid yourself time and household chores have captured you completely, quickly get rid of this injustice. Think about what you like most in the world: walking, theatre, water slides. Arrange a meeting with a favorite office stylist, massage therapist or Barber. But if budget does not allow, find acceptable and affordable ways to maintain the health, mood and appearance in excellent condition.
Take practice sometimes to be alone and analyze my life. For this you need a piece of paper and a pen. For a while switch off your phone, then nobody can stop to be myself. On the paper write what is happening in your life now and how I would like to have actually. Think about the ways to achieve the desired.
Enjoy your life. Write a list of their desires out of a hundred points, and take practice every day to implement at least one of them. This will give you confidence. Life is not only to suffer for man and to show dissatisfaction with the lack of attention on his part. You will have a private space where good and fun, and the partner will become curious and wonder what's new in the life of its women. We loved the feeling that important events pass him by, and he starts to give you more attention.
Diversify life together. Think about the points of contact with man, mutual Hobbies. Return to the relationship that you shared together before. Add new, because both partners are constantly changing. Embark on an interesting journey that will change the interior look of the club. Go for it!
Diversify intimate life. For men this is a very important aspect for a harmonious relationship with a woman. Don't be afraid to fantasize about sex, to tell him about their desires. Buy beautiful lingerie, ask for novelties in sex shops. It is important that you yourself get pleasure from the process. And try to be different, to come up with something new that might interest your man.