First of all, remember the beginning of your novel. The formation of a mutual feeling as it grew stronger, turning into real love, from the first timid sparks ignited a fire hot passion. Consider this: after you all the same woman, and your spouse – still the same man. Yes, bring back the past is impossible, but who said that it is impossible to change the present? Everything is in your hands, it is only necessary to show commitment and perseverance.
You "stuck" life? You don't have enough time to look after themselves? So, give contracts only the minimum required time. It is not necessarily, for example, from morning to evening to clean, it is possible to be limited to General cleaning once a week. Remember: you, above all, a woman. If you'll look good – you have, at least, improve mood, increase self-esteem. And it is absolutely necessary in order for "new eyes" to look at my own husband. And he certainly will not leave without attention the changes that had happened with his wife.
Sometimes very useful to forget at least temporarily about the home. If it is possible to attach somewhere children (e.g. grandmother), treat yourself to my husband. Embark on a foreign voyage or on a camping trip in student youth. New experiences, fun, beautiful nature - all this positively affect you. You will immediately feel that family life is not boring, and your husband is a very interesting man.
If you are by nature reserved, shy woman, to the same raised in the Puritan tradition, the intimacy with my husband and barely give you pleasure. And this is a very serious reason for cooling. Overpower yourself, try to shake things up, to take the initiative. Teach yourself: in bed with your beloved, you can behave as you like, there's nothing wrong, inappropriate. Do not hesitate to speak frankly with her husband on the subject, if necessary, read books on the subject of sex. The result will not keep itself waiting long!