Take a look at ourselves. Maybe you're not the same person I was before. Most likely your preferences in the selection of clothes has changed from "nice" to "convenient." It is unlikely that you continue to go to bed in lace lingerie. Your husband such a change much clearer than you. Put yourself in his place. So whether you are attractive now in his eyes? Change your closet, remove all unnecessary things from the bedroom, so that nothing distracts you from love. Create an intimate atmosphere, buy a beautiful linen.
Pay attention to how much you are alone with her husband. Possible immersed in home life, you don't leave time for the two of you. If you have children, ask family to sit with them when you want to dedicate themselves to each other.
Remember how you were when your relationship was just beginning. Restore parts, for example, make the same haircut, start wearing similar clothes. All this will help your man to pleasant memories. Start to go out somewhere together. The husband should see you like other men. That will awaken the hunter. He wants to win you again.
Make something new in your relationship. Start to flirt with her husband. You can send him a few SMS erotic content at the time while he's at work. Try to diversify your sex, and generally to go beyond the usual. Don't be afraid to experiment and take the initiative. However, you must continue to be yourself. Because the husband loves you and not invented by you woman.