Remember the beginning of your relationship. Try to feel the love because passion is a feeling that needs constant support. Remember the old days when you nights wandering around the city holding hands. Visit the place first date and your favorite cafes and restaurants. This will help to restore your love.
Spend more time together. Life contributes to the disappearance of feelings of love and passion, so it's important to find time to do things together, because it helps to establish a trusting relationship with each other. For example, arrange a small picnic for two.
Appreciate your partner. Remember how important to you spouse. Think about what you are to him/her once loved. Your partner will feel this attitude and will reciprocate, thus the affection towards each other will increase.
Be proud of each other. First, the success of spouse depends on you, because thanks to your support, he/she managed to reach unprecedented heights. And secondly, respect for the partner's progress will help to keep warm feelings for years to come.
Do pleasant surprises of the second half. Only one thought about what you've tried so hard to make happy your soulmate, give an excuse to the spouse to fall in love with you again.
Communicate with each other. Don't forget that the majority of conflicts is due to the fact that the couple can't communicate. Do not attempt to make normal conversation sessions of psychoanalysis, just try easy and with humor to tell about the day and to share plans for the coming week.