What mesyatsa stuff may not be evident what is truly valuable, therefore, you first need to "clean up" your life from garbage. How? Perform General cleaning in the house, put things in order. People living in a gloomy and cluttered room, he feels so gloomy and "cluttered". About what love there can be a speech?
Discuss mutual claims to each other. Not in the form of scandal, of course, and through peaceful and friendly dialogue. Talk about possible solutions to the problem. If your spouse you are dissatisfied with something, consider how you can rectify the situation. If the behavior of a spouse is something you are not satisfied, calmly tell him that. Claim must be very specific.
New vpechatleniyami order in the house and in the relations induced can be looking for fresh impressions. Go together to the cinema, theater in the woods for a picnic; hike if you are Hiking. Take along something that would make your life variety. If it is winter time and you're not shy about prying eyes, leave the yard and make a snowman finally. Probably because you have had a lot of common Hobbies, just for you the daily hustle and bustle as some of them forgotten.
Memories will beamspace about the Genesis of your relationship. It is important to remember only the good, not to dig in old grievances. Revise the old photos. Look in the closet those things in which you walked at the beginning of your novel. Remember your common friends and acquaintances. If possible, invite them to visit (the order anyway already fallen?).
Sexeso you lack passion and diversity in intimate life, just try some time to abstain from sex (of course, agreeing beforehand with the partner). Do not turn sex into a routine chore.