Visa extension for foreign citizens is carried out only when there are serious circumstances that prevent to leave the country on time, for example, treatment in a hospital. You can extend your visa for a period of three to ten days, but no more. First step: apply for your visa extension in the FMS.
Prepare the following documents: original passport with legal visa, 2 color Matt photos of 3x4, the original of the migration card the registration on arrival, the grounds for extending the visa. Self-renewal will be undertaken using the special form, which is called an exit visa. He is made to Deposit the certificate or in the form of a glued sheet. To make any changes or adjustments in the form of the visa in any case impossible.
Pay the state fee. It can range from 300 to 4000 rubles, depending on the specific case. From the payment of fees following persons are exempt: persons who have obtained diplomatic or official visas, persons engaged in humanitarian charitable activities, but also those citizens who are unable to immediately leave the country due to severe illness or death of a close relative. All these grounds must be documented.
To refuse visa extension you can under the following circumstances: the lack of the passport or identity document, the lack of receipt proving payment of the state duty, delay visas for more than three days. In General to get a visa extension can only those foreigners whose stay in the Russian Federation, completely furnished by law.
If you have lost your documents, or you stole, or you are caught in another difficult situation, immediately contact the Consulate to provide you with the necessary assistance to avoid serious problems in the future.