The first thing you need to run the program. In the window that appears will have two fields – username and password. You will need them later, but for now hit the link "Forgot password?". After clicking you will open a web browser and the password recovery page on the official website of Skype (the link should be like this, etc.). Here you need to enter the e-mail used for account registration. After entering the e-mail, click "Send". On ukazannykh address will receive an email with a temporary code. With it, you can log into your account and change the password. To do this, follow the link provided in the email. You will be prompted to enter a new password and immediately autoriserait on the website, showing that the password is successfully changed and you can continue to use your account.
But if you don't remember and e-mail address, then click on "can't remember the email address. mail?", which is on the same page where you entered your e-mail. On the next page you need to enter the Skype username. After that press the button "Send". Now you have to remember, have you made any payments in Skype, and enter your name, surname and country of residence. If you cannot find the order number, you can enter the last 4 digits of your credit card details. In another case, to recover e-mail address in any other way.
This method consists in the fact that the e-mail address specified in the personal data on the official website of Skype. This algorithm will only work if enabled in your browser AutoFill, and you have previously entered login and the password on the website. So, if the password was saved, then go to the official website and select the section "Personal data". Then click "Edit your profile". Now you can check your e-mail that you used during registration and restore password from the account in Skype, the above-mentioned method. Good luck!