You will need
  • tweezers;
  • grinding machine;
  • bar with diamond coated
The easiest way to sharpen nail clippers, is to classify them in a special workshop. Literally 5-10 minutes, and everything will be ready. The cost of such services ranges from 200 to 300 rubles. However, there are craftsmen who prefer to spend sharpening any tools by yourself at home. And they use several ways.
One of the simplest options is to take a normal bar, which sharpen kitchen knives. Then wide open the pliers and slowly, very carefully start to sharpen them. While the movement should not be too sharp. All you need to do very carefully. Once you're finished, you can check the quality of the work, cutting anything. As a rule, the sharpness of the cutter checked for polyethylene.
Another way is to sharpen tweezers on a special semi-professional equipment. If you have a mini-grinding machine, then this is what you need. Clamped in a special connector pre-open the tweezers and begin to sharpen them with a special grinding wheel (preferably so that it is diamond-coated). Similarly, it is necessary to observe punctuality during execution of work.
If you want to sharpen the tweezers, which represent a clamp that is not widely open, you can use an ordinary hacksaw. Again, all movement should be clearly and accurately measured. If you overdo it with the sharpening, the tweezers will just tear the skin and not bite it. And this, in turn, prevents to make a perfect manicure. Means that the tweezers are to work no longer suitable.
And of course, nobody canceled the good old way of sharpening tools with sandpaper. This method will be even softer than the previous one. Because the chance to ruin the tool, sharpening it with sandpaper, is sufficiently small. Is the whole procedure: tweezers you start to bite a sheet of sandpaper. After you do this a few times, check the quality of sharpening on the polyethylene. If it cuts okay, so everything is ready.