You will need
  • - machine with a diamond around;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - brusok for sharpening of kitchen knives;
  • - swipe.
For quality need professional sharpening tool machine with diamond circle. It can be purchased at the hardware store or rent. Note that the processing tool during its intensive exploitation would have to take place every three to six months.
Gather scissors, tweezers and clippers in need of sharpening. Fragile scissors and clippers-the clips before processing it is better to Unscrew. If the blades of the forceps differ widely, they can be sharpening in unsorted.
Turn on the lathe at minimum speed. Take one part of the scissors and the edge of the blade swipe across the working circle, from beginning to end. Repeat the movement again. Wipe the blade of a thick lint-free cloth. Treat the second part of the scissors. Collect them, cementing the halves of the screw and tightening it. Check the tool sharpness on a thin fabric or a polyethylene – sharpened scissors should not crush the material.
Nail nippers open at maximum width, and with a quick movement, slide the blade edge for working the diamond circle. Repeat the reception twice for each blade. Remove dust with a Curling iron tight cloth.
If you do not have the diamond wheel, and the tweezers are in urgent need of sharpening, treat them with sandpaper. Take a sheet of sandpaper and cut it with tongs a few times. Check the sharpness of blades on a piece of cloth or polyethylene. If the forceps is not sharp enough, repeat the reception. Such sharpening may be considered as a temporary measure, as her only enough for a few days.
Pliers or tweezers, you can sharpen on the whetstone for finishing kitchen knives. Open the tool and quickly, but carefully, move the edge of the blade on whetstone. Check the degree of grinding on the piece of plastic. Such fine-tuning can be repeated once a week.