In many respects the quality of the result depends on what manicure tools do you use. To cut the cuticles you nail clippers, scissors and trimmer. Ideally, the cuticle is better not to cut and to handle special structures that allow you to soften it and remove excess skin. With this method of processing the cuticle, grows slowly, looks healthy and smooth. In addition, this method does not injure the skin.
If you decide to use nail clippers to prepare the skin for hair removal. For this, the skin needs softening. Prepare a warm bath for hands in the water can add butter or your favorite aromatic products. Soak your fingers in water until cuticles become soft and pliable. Dry your hands. Gently push the cuticle towards the root of the nail special manicure spatula, wooden or silicone stick. Cut the cuticle, starting from one end towards the other. Try to shoot it smooth "ribbon". Trim the edge all the same tweezers that the edge of the cuticle was smooth. Well moisten the skin around the fingers nourishing cream.
Scissors to remove the cuticle must be perfectly sharpened, in order not to tear the skin. Wet the skin using baths for hands, dry it. Push the cuticle towards the root of the nail with special tools. Cut the cuticle from one side to the other. Be careful not to damage the skin of your finger, work only with the tips of the shear blades. Cut away the cuticle smooth "ribbon". Work the edge of the cuticle, removing all bumps and burrs, moisten the skin around the fingers nourishing cream. To remove the cuticle scissors are better than nail clippers.
The trimmer is designed specifically for hair removal. He usually looks like a stick with two tips. On the one hand an extensive metal tongue blade with spatula to pan the cuticle. This tool is a better choice than clippers or scissors, but only as long as the blades remain perfectly sharp. Prepare the skin, slide the cuticle to the nail root. Install the trimmer from one end and guide it along the line of growth of the cuticle, without stopping or interrupting the line of the skin. Don't press too hard so as not to remove part of the nail plate, and too little pressure is not worth it, not to "lose" captured trimmer skin. Point the tip of the trimmer in the direction of the far edge of cuticle and slightly up. Correct the irregularities (if such remain) clippers or scissors. Treat the skin around the nail cream.