You will need
  • lathe;
  • a shard of the mirror.
  • - diamond paste;
  • - sandpaper.
Determine whether it is time to sharpen the blade. If they are in good condition, the machine runs smoothly and easily cuts hair, not crushes them and tears. The jammed and damaged hair — evidence that it's time to think about sharpening. This can be done a little earlier, noting that some of the hairs get longer than the others. Don't wait until the machine will be no longer anything to cut.
The best option is to find a suitable repair shop, where the blade of the clipper for haircuts will not only sharpen, but may be replaced if necessary. There is special equipment. Blades attached to a special vise and sharpen the rotating bar. The process takes not much time. In addition, the sharpening quality is obtained.
If such there is no shop nearby, you can try to sharpen the blades at home. You probably have a whetstone for sharpening kitchen knives. Sharpening detachable blades for machines for shearing requires more accuracy, but in principle the process is the same. Gently slide the blade across the whetstone in two directions. The edge of the blade should be fully in contact with the abrasive surface. The degree of sharpening is most convenient to check, cutting off the junk pile with a piece of natural or artificial fur.
Take a piece of sandpaper. The more dull the blades are, the larger should be "skin". Place the sandpaper between the blades and turn on the machine. Cut the sheet into strips. In the process satokata and blades. This method is suitable for mechanical machines.
To help you can and a shard of mirror. Apply the abrasive paste. Wipe the blade of a knife in a circular motion.
Very well, if you have access to a lathe or grinding machine. In the first case, you will need another aluminum circle about six inches in diameter. Him apply diamond paste (or any other abrasive material). The blade of a stick with a magnet. The method is quite dangerous, but sharpens well.