Check how much blunt your knives. To make it simple enough. When the blade is not too dull, they occasionally can crush the hair, causing damage. The urgent need knife sharpening machine will indicate the impossibility to cut the person a complete and permanent deformation of hair, the appearance of pain when cutting with someone doing my hair. As soon as I notice such symptoms, immediately look for an option on how to sharpen the blades of your device.
The easiest way to sharpen knives is to take the device to the professionals. In just a few minutes of the wizard with the help of special devices and tools lead blades your machine in order.
Can try to sharpen the knives yourself. For this you need a special bar, which usually sharpen kitchen knives. Gently, slowly, slide blade on whetstone back and forth. Repeat the motion until you get desired sharpness. Check the sharpening on a small piece of fur.
If you have a lathe, then the task is even more simplified. For sharpening blades you will need an aluminum disk with a diameter of 120-160 mm., Apply the abrasive paste, with a magnet attach it to the knife. You can now sharpen. Only do this very carefully so as not to injure hands.
Try to use for sharpening conventional sandpaper. Place a piece of paper between the blades of the device. Then turn on the machine. In the process of "cutting" of the blade carefully, and most importantly, safely zahochetsya.
As an option, you can use with a grinding machine. With its help, you will do everything very neatly and quickly.