You will need
  • - pear;
  • - gloves;
  • Lapa.
Before you start training, wear special gloves or bandage the hand. Lead a series of warm-up exercises. For this perfect jumping, tumbling, running. Your body should be fully warmed up. Thus, you will avoid traumas.
When hitting on the punching bag , turn on your imagination. Imagine in front of a real opponent. Only then will you have the skill for the real contractions. Contact single punches and combinations, and escape from imaginary attacks, block. Try to practice from different angles. Be always in motion.
Master posing hard hitting. To do this, first review the technique of performing exercises. Lean on the wall with his hand. The muscles relax. Now press your other hand. When performing this exercise you must feel the rigidity. Then try to change the depth of the undergrowth, the position of the feet, distance. In this case, you should feel the same rigidity.
For the first exercise pick a pear of medium size, weighing 20-30 kg. Slightly push her, to alienate. On the return movement of the pear will put a counter-punch. If the inventory bounced back or stopped, all right. Increase with every movement of the thrust force. Exercise repeat several times, changing hands.
Feel the feeling of stiffness, move on to learning strokes. Don't forget about the correct position of the hands. Practice shots from various planes: top, bottom, side, forward; the strokes of the wrist, elbow bend, forearm, fist, etc.
That during the strike to learn not to fall, have a partner. Ask him unexpectedly to clean the paw in the mean time. Thus, you will learn to keep his balance.