The main cause of excess cholesterol the prevalence in your diet products with animal fats (especially offal, meat of waterfowl, eggs and meats) and high in carbohydrates. Reduce their numbers, replacing those products, which is a less cholesterol. For example, instead of pork prefer sea fish and seafood or lean meat – rabbit, chicken or beef. And, of course, do not overeat.
Eat more vegetables and fruits. And try to eat them not in the form of desserts, but as a complete dish. Very good carrots and corn, lemon, garlic and onion, horseradish, dried fruit and nuts. By the way, onions and garlic, according to researchers, not only contain no cholesterol but do not allow the blood clots. And, what is particularly interesting – their properties do not disappear even when cooked. Successfully compete with cholesterol all natural seasonings. Removes cholesterol from the body eggplant and potatoes.
Lower cholesterol legumes (peas, beans) and cereals, porridge from different cereals, among them especially useful buckwheat and oatmeal. Legumes and cereals mix and match between them. Dairy products, too, must always be present in your refrigerator. Of course, heavy cream and cheese while you need to eat often, like hard cheeses, but completely eliminate these foods from the diet is not advised. But the coffee from the list of your drinks zero forever, replacing it with mineral water, squeezed juice from fruits and green tea.
Excretion of excess cholesterol promote sports or dancing. If it does not find the time, then at least do the exercises in the morning and often walk.
Since the accumulation of cholesterol is very conducive to Smoking and alcohol abuse, some of those bad habits, of course, also should be removed.
Cholesterol activated charcoal lowers, and if it is to take one pill three times a day for a month, it is possible to achieve good results.
Recent scientific studies have shown that excess cholesterol can be removed by massage and meditation, when there is muscle relaxation and ease nervous tension. The conclusion is: do not be nervous and to smile, in any case, the body does not hurt.