You will need
  • - proper diet;
  • - physical activity;
  • - weight control.
Bad cholesterol has a low density. It is harmful for the organism, because its excess leads to the formation of plaques on the walls of the arteries and blockage that threatens serious cardiovascular diseases.
Good cholesterol is endowed with a high density. It the body produces during physical activity. It removes the bad cholesterol from the arteries and directs it to the liver for destruction. The higher its level in the body, the lower the risk of diseases of vessels and heart.
In order to lower the levels of bad cholesterol, you need to reconsider your diet. Eating properly can without medication to bring the cholesterol levels to the required performance.
To include in the menu of marine fish. It is rich in iodine and polyunsaturated fatty acids and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Seaweed dissolves blood clots in the arteries, and cleanses the blood vessels.
Eat more vegetable and fruit salads or just eat fruits and vegetables in its pure form. Oranges, grapefruit, avocado, beets, carrots, etc. a great deal with bad cholesterol.
Apples are indispensable in the fight against cholesterol. They contain insoluble fiber that remove the excess from the body. With regular consumption of apples (at least 2 per day) reduces the risk of clogging of blood vessels and the occurrence of heart disease.
A great remedy for cholesterol are garlic and onions. Garlic thins the blood, and therein the substance allicin removes harmful cholesterol. Daily consumption of 3 cloves of garlic reduces it by 10%. If you eat 50g of onion a day can raise good cholesterol by 30%.
In green peas, beans and lentils present water-soluble fiber (pectin) and folic acid. Daily use of these products will help you to lower the cholesterol by 10%.
Pomegranate juice destroys harmful cholesterol and strengthens blood vessels and capillaries.
Replace sugar with natural honey. He also has the ability to remove cholesterol.
Good wine thins the blood and contributes to its promotion through the vessels, widening them. Recommended daily use 50g of wine with lunch.
Oatmeal is not only good for the stomach, but also combat cholesterol. It contains fiber binds to it and reduces the level of 5%.
Remember that in a week you can eat no more than 3 eggs. Buying dairy products, give preference to those which contain not more than 1.5% fat. Eliminate pork, lamb and cured meats. Beef and veal can be used 2 times a week at 150g.
Watch your weight. Every extra 500g to raise bad cholesterol on 2 levels. Try to move more, walk and swim. The movement will not only lower harmful cholesterol and increase beneficial.