First, you need to introduce a new employee to the Director, of the company or the division Manager. This will allow initially to set a positive direction relationship. If the immediate supervisor was not involved in the hiring of a new employee, you must first introduce them to each other. To meet with the leadership of the company in absentia, showing them pictures and calling names, names and patronymics to the employee, to meet with them later, already knew the status of these people.
To exclude the possible negative attitude of colleagues is very important. Imagine a new employee, putting not only his surname, name and patronymic, a position he will occupy, but also some information from his biography. It is best to list those businesses and positions in which the beginner had worked before, and which will serve as the confirmation of his professionalism and high qualification. This will inspire future colleagues with respect and to set them up for a positive attitude to the newcomer.
For presentation it is best to choose a time when the whole team is assembled. This can be done, for example, at the orientation meeting or at a specially convened meeting. During the presentation after the questionnaire data tell us about the functions to be performed by a new employee, describe to him the functions of his colleagues. What are the names and patronymics of those who occupy key posts and to whom he needs to seek help.
Provide a word to the beginner, let him say a few words about himself and answer questions of colleagues that may occur. Introduce him with subcontractors, describe the structure of references, conduct a tour of the related departments, and imagine his new employee.
Show the beginner the workplace, especially pay attention to those moments when the equipment will be used in conjunction with several colleaguesand, indeed, sometimes several people can work on the same computer, use a phone. Familiarize him with places of recreation, order of use kitchen. Tell us to whom he may apply for supplies.
Don't forget to wish the new employee every success. Express confidence that he will quickly join the team and will work with joy and feeling that he is in his place.