Imagine the man-to-woman, younger - older, employee - supervisor. If you introduce between peers or peopleof equal status should be the first person close to you, e.g. brother, his friend. Known, distinguished personality, representing the people, call them names unilaterally (assuming the name of the person known to everyone).
Imagine your sister, wife, husband, children with the words: "my spouse," "my brother", etc. the Exception to the rule is acquaintance with a mother or father, all the people present the parents and not Vice versa.
Recite the name and surname of the person clearly when you imagine or introduce him to someone. If you are not confident in your memory in relation to personal data eachof their people, I'm afraid I'll pronounce them wrong, it is advisable to offer: "Meet...".
Ask again the name and surname of the person, if you didn't catch it acceptable. When you call you can't distort the name. Tactfully check and all.
Offer a hand to the person after you will present it. The woman reaches out a hand to the man, the eldest takes her younger, supervisor - subordinate. If introduced to someone you wait until you follow the initiative of a handshake from a new acquaintance.
Please note, the man introduced, if he is sitting, should rise. Woman doing it in that case, if she is introduced to a woman older or elderly man. Young girls getting acquainted with adults, it is recommended to stand.
Imagine in a large society meet at once with all the guests or the audience, calling him a name, a patronymic and a surname. Host or hostess introduce guests to each with eachOhm. Newcomers wait until they introduce.
Follow the rules of etiquette on the street. If you go with someone and all of a sudden I meet a friend, it is not necessary to introduce his companion, if the meeting is not long lasting. The satellite needs to step aside and wait If the conversation is delayed, you need to present are unfamiliar with each other people each other. If you don't want to do that, just end the conversation, not to force yourself to wait long.
Can not be people or neighbors in the compartment, the landing place, if you are on the go (in train, plane, boat, etc.). You should do it only in case if in the conversation it turns out identical interests, Hobbies, etc.
As a guest at the hotel or while on vacation in sanatoriums and meeting with strangers at a communal table, to get acquainted not necessarily. Here you may be limited to a slight bow, greeting the guests. This gesture is enough people to draw conclusions about the rendered respect.