Make a list of the colleagues you wish to include in the newsletter. Check whether all recipients are relevant to the present question. Conversely, you can miss the person needs to inform his letter tom about anything. Examine the range of stakeholders. Decide which of the colleagues you will put in the field "Addressee", but someone in the CC field. Usually direct performers write in the column "Addressee", and those who control the process or involved in it indirectly, and is merely interested employee, in the CC field.
Think about how to arrange the names of the recipients. You will be a lot easier if your company has established specific rules on this subject. Otherwise, to determine their sequence in different ways. For example, put their names in alphabetical order. You can use a seniority system. Better find some letter from the Secretary addressed to multiple recipients and see how he does. Most likely, this is the unofficial standard for your company.
Enter the subject of the message. It should briefly reflect the content. Then go to the body of the email. Follow the rules of business correspondence. Politely greet the staff immediately and go to the topic.
Write only on business. Do not miss important details, but do not dilute "the water." Value the time of your colleagues. If, in order to better grasp the essence of your message, you must be aware of other correspondence, place quotes at the bottom of the letter. Don't forget to say goodbye and wish everyone a productive working day.