Why hurt the gums

The most common gum disease is gingivitis. This pathology involves as swelling and bleeding. In some cases, gums may bleed after brushing. Then in the body a serious lack of vitamin C. In this case, you can begin receiving the tongue or add to your diet water mixed with lemon juice. It is enough to drink every morning before eating.

Typically gingivitis occurs after infection with a certain type of bacteria. If after a meal to rinse your mouth and brush teeth regularly, gingivitis person is not terrible. With advanced forms of inflammation of the gums behind the teeth. There are inflammatory pockets in which to settle colonies of microbes.

In fact, gingivitis is not as common. The most common light inflammation with pain, but no complications. It is with them we have to fight for most of us. Below are the options for dealing with unpleasant feelings.

Gargle with salt water

Such rinsing is necessary to resort immediately after a meal. At home this can be done easily, but at work or on the road much more difficult. When the gums are prone to inflammation, after rinsing are discomfort removed pain.

To prepare the solution, enough to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in one glass of warm water. The main thing is to rinse the gums was not hot.

Gargle with hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide helps not worse than salt water. To prepare the solution you need to take one part peroxide and one part warm water. The mixture is perfectly destroys all the bacteria and relieves the pain.

Tea bag black tea

Almost all of us drink black tea, Packed in bags. If you take a used tea bag, cool, and apply to the inflamed location, you can get rid of pain and swelling. The fact that black tea contains tannin, an astringent swelling of the tissues. Using the tea bag will stop the bleeding.

Baking soda

The pain can lubricate the sore spot with a paste made of baking soda. First, the pasta was moistened with water to help lubricate the gums. The consistency should be like sour cream. Soda can neutralize the acidity in the oral cavity, which is formed by bacteria. By the way, soda is able to eliminate the bacteria themselves.

Important! Too long to keep the soda in your mouth is impossible, as it can burn the skin in the mouth.

Folic acid

If twice a day - morning and evening, to resort to rinsing the mouth with a solution of folic acid through two or three days to get rid of bleeding and pain. To prepare the solution necessary to dissolve one crushed tablet of folic acid in a tablespoon of water. Then place the solution into a glass and add 150 g of water.

Chamomile infusion

Chamomile infusion is the most effective means of combating gingivitis. Dried chamomile is sold in many pharmacies. Brew three tablespoons of chamomile in one Cup of boiling water. After cooling, the infusion should drain. If after rinsing will remain an infusion, it can be put in the fridge. Before the next rinsing of the infusion should be heated.


If you feel unbearable pain in the gums for several hours, you can resort to the help of a gel that contains benzocaine. Well-proven "Killers". The gel can eliminate pain and also get rid of its causes.

Pharmacies are also available products that contain chloride of cetylpyridinium, bromide domiphen. For sensitive gums can help gel "Parodium". It is designed to reduce bleeding and control pain.

Also help fight pain paracetamol and dipyrone. Of potent drugs can be noted "Ketanov", "Ciprofloxacin", "Tavegil". But it is best to apply them after consultation with a specialist. These drugs have many side effects and contraindications.

You can also use massage the gums with your fingers. Almost always this helps. In cases where nothing helps, you need to consult a doctor.