To the bed, underwear, shirts and shirt has kept its original white, each time you add the wash instead of bleach in the washing machine half a Cup of 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen. Don't forget to use together with H2O2 and washing powder. This method is much cheaper and safer than washing with a chlorine-containing means. Moreover, later linen does not smell of bleach.
If things have already lost the white white, Laundry pre-soak them for a couple of hours in 3% strength H2O2 solution. Much for lost white things you can use a stronger concentrate 10-15%, adding a tablespoon of ammonia.
For stains from tea, coffee, fruit, juice, wine or blood, pour a small amount of a 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen. Wait a couple of minutes and then wash it the usual thing for you – in the washing machine or by hands.
For stains on upholstered furniture pour a small amount of solution. After a couple of minutes with a sponge or a microfiber cloth wash the area with warm water. If the first attempt to remove the stain did not work, repeat the procedure again.
Using peroxide can safely remove stains on colored things. It does not discolor the fabric dye. However, cheap low-quality materials, this statement does not apply.
In addition, the peroxide of hydrogen is used for cleaning pools. To keep the water in the pool is not "blossomed", it added a 37% solution of H2O2. Per tonne of liquid you will need 0.5 kg of peroxide. Within 24 hours the substance loses its activity, improves oxygen and kills microorganisms in the water coloring green.