You will need
  • tablets peroxide;
  • - a rolling pin;
  • - a blank sheet of paper;
  • - enamel or glass container;
  • - teaspoon;
  • brush made of synthetic bristles;
  • - 2 capsules of ammonia.
First of all we should define the concentration of solutiona, which is necessary to lighten hair. The percentage of peroxide of hydrogen in the ink of the mixture depends on the thickness of your hair, namely for thin hair needed 4-8% solution for hair of medium thickness is 6-12% for thick hair – 8-12%. Remember that the faster the hair absorb moisture, the lower the concentration of the solution is needed for their lightness, so it should be reduced by 2-3% from the recommended and for strong hair concentration on the contrary increase by 2-3%.
Now, take 4 tablets gidroperita, put them in a clean sheet of paper and fold it in half. Then, pressing with a rolling pin, crush the pills in the paper. Pour the obtained small crystals in an enamel or glass dish, but in any case not metal, because metal will cause unnecessary degradation of the composition. Add to this mix 4 ml of warm water (4/5 of a teaspoon). So you received 4 ml of a 30% solution of peroxide of hydrogen.
Now it is necessary to dilute the resulting solution with a certain amount of water. It is necessary to make a proportion:4 ml of 30%X ml – Y%, where Y is the concentration of the solution that you want to.From this it follows that X = Y% × 4 ml / 30%.For example, you treatments for hair of average thickness required 6% solution. The proportion in this case would be:4 ml of 30%X ml – 6% X = 6% ×4 ml / 30% = 0,8 ml. From this it follows that to obtain a 6% concentration, you need to add 30% solution of peroxide of hydrogen for another 0.8 ml of water.
Pour in a solution of peroxide of hydrogen only 2 ampoules of ammonia, as the excess of ammonia gives the hair a reddish hue.
Begin to apply the coloring mixture with a brush from synthetic bristles. If you discolor the hair on the head, the solution should begin to apply from the nape of the neck, evenly distributing on all length of hair, followed by keeping the mixture for 10-15 minutes, and if discolor on the body, 3-5 minutes. After this time, rinse the peroxide of hydrogen with warm water.