You will need
  • - wooden barrel;
  • - wooden stick;
  • - lime;
  • - ash;
  • water;
  • - caustic soda (sodium hydroxide);
  • - goat's milk;
  • - formic acid/acetic;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - iodine.
To prepare the alkaline solution, it is necessary to extinguish 1 kg of lime. Then take 6 kg of ash, put in a barrel and mix gently with spiegasti lime. In a barrel with lime and ash need to add 10 liters of cold water and again mix well. In covered the barrel of the mortar should be 24 hours, during this time, it is necessary to mix thoroughly 3-4 times. Please note that the barrel must be made of wood. To use for disinfection can only defend the upper layer of the alkaline solution.
You can prepare a lye of caustic soda, but it will be more toxic than the one made of ash. For the disinfection of frequently used technical sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). To prepare 2% disinfectant solution, take 2 parts of sodium hydroxide to 98 parts of water. For the 10% solution you need to take 10 parts of sodium hydroxide and dissolve them in 90 parts of water. To defend the need for at least two days.
To decontaminate honeycomb, it is better to use an alkaline solution prepared by using goat milk. Need to pre-freeze the milk. Then add frozen milk lye from consumption of 1 to 1. Depending on why you are treatment to prevent or fight a specific disease, there are different types of disinfection SOT. For example, when dealing with the American grilcom honeycomb irrigate with a solution of 2% hydrogen peroxide and 1% of formic acid, which can also be replaced by acetate, and then treated with 5% solution odnoklavishnogo of iodine, kept for 24 hours and washed with water.
If you want to disinfect work tools or Sotogrande, Zimovniki, beekeeping houses, better suited soap-soda alkaline solution. For its preparation take 2% soda ash and mix it with a soap solution temperature of at least 300C. Once you have added in soap solution soda ash, you should mix everything with a wooden stick. For preparation of soap solutionrequired to obtain septic alkali, you need to take 1 bucket of water and dissolving it in 1.5 ml of soap (liquid) and 200 grams of household (pieces) of soap. Please note: soap used in the preparation of the soap solutionshould not have any fragrances.