In the standard file Manager Windows Explorer to enable the display of the line status must be disclosed in the menu "View" and put a mark next to the item, which is called "Line state".
In a word processor Microsoft Office Word versions earlier than Word 2007, to enable the panel to reveal the menu section "tools" and select "Settings". Then in the opened window, go to the View tab and put a mark in the row labeled "Line status" in the section "Show". Starting with Word 2007, the display panel cannot be enabled or disabled in the program settings, although it is possible to do this programmatically - with the help of macros.
In Internet Explorer to enable the display of the row condition , it is sufficient to click with the right mouse button free menu space at the top of the window and put it in the context menu mark next to "Line status". The same item duplicated, and under the "View" menu of the browser.
In the Opera browser to enable the display of line status through main menu - opened it, go to "toolbars" and place a mark in the "Bar state". Alternatively, you can right click the bottom bar of the browser window and select "Design" under the "Configure" context menu. In the opened window, check the checkbox "Panel status" and then click "OK".
In Mozilla Firefox the option on and off-line status is posted under the "View" main menu - opening it, click that so called "Line state".
In the browser Apple Safari is also necessary to act through the "View" menu of the program, but this line is formulated a little differently - "Display line status". If the display of this menu is disabled in your browser settings, the exact same point can be found by clicking on the icon on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window.