How to call command line? Operating systems of the latest generations it's hidden far enough from the user's eyes. However, the Windows settings and perform a number of actions in this operating system command prompt just need.

The easiest way to start command prompt is to use the main Windows menu. Follow start — Programs — Accessories — Command prompt, and here is a black rectangle with a blinking white cursor has already appeared on the computer display. You can type commands and see their results.

Another method allowing to obtain the same result is to use the "Execute" item in this menu and enter cmd. The advantage of this method — window "Run" can be invoked using hot keys Win+R, not bothering to swipe submenu.

If you use the shell Far Manager or something similar, then get to the command line even easier. Rather, it is constantly present in the lower part of the window Far. To view the results of commands, press Ctrl+O, and panels Far and hidden, so as not to obscure the overview.

Sometimes, however, enable the command line fails. If performing the above steps, you suddenly see a message that the command prompt is disabled by your administrator, then only two options here: either the sysadmin really has disabled the command prompt, and then you can get to it you will not succeed, or is the result of a virus.

In the latter case, to re-enable the command prompt back to the menu "Run" and enter gpedit. We need user Configuration — Administrative templates — System — All options. Here you need to find the option to Ban the use of command line. Its status will change to Disabled or Not configured, and the command prompt is available again. Don't forget to also check your system for viruses.