In standard folders that are stored on the computer, the bar menu is available "Service" does not disappear. You can enable or disable the address bar, standard buttons to work with the folder, but the bar menu will remain on its place at the top of the window.
In browser panel menu may be hidden, therefore, to find the menu "Service" sometimes the first time fails. In order to display the panel items "File", "edit", "Service" (sometimes called "Tools"), you must perform several actions.
Run the browser in the usual way and move the cursor to the top of the window. Click on the panel, right-click and select from the context menu of the marker opposite point "Bar menu", clicking on it with the left mouse button. When a panel menu is displayed, you will see the item "Service".
If you can't find the panel, and the browser displays the selected web page, disable full screen mode. This can be done in several ways. In fullscreen mode the bar is hidden outside the screen, move the cursor to the top edge of the screen and wait until it drops.
Then click on the panel, right-click and select the context menu "Exit full screen mode". If this command is not, press the F11 key or Alt and Enter. When the panel is visible, follow the steps described in the third step.
In certain programs menu is invoked by a special key. Usually it is the Esc key. Click on it to access advanced features and settings of the program.
In most applications that have a menu, look for the item "Service" follows in a similar way as the interface of the various programs arranged similar to the user does not have to be retrained for each new program.