Ten years ago, you could imagine a romantic dinner where two people look each other in the eye, and to display its own phone? Now it is a reality. Friends prefer to communicate with each other via the network, and even close relatives prefer family dinners, communication through Skype. On the one hand, to find a man close in spirit and Outlook, it seems not a difficult task, but the probability of disappointment exceeds all possible limits. People treat relationships easily, so easily that they are impaired.

How to find like a man and not be disappointed?

First and foremost, you need to understand that real relationships are built eye-to-eye. Everything else is an illusion. You can use the network as the original source for Dating, but in any case, communication should continue in real life, no matter it is romantic or friendly. First, we need to identify their interests and understand how you behaved. What would be of interest to you, where would you spend your time. And on this basis to start to look for what you need. Is it possible to examine the Dating sites? Despite the fact that many are not flatteringly about these resources, they really help me in solving this issue. But, so you do not waste their time, clearly label exactly who you need. For this you can simply describe yourself and to describe these criteria in the questionnaire. You can also use various forums and interest groups. Communicate, ask questions, add new acquaintances to my friends.

How to switch from online to offline communication?

Quite possibly when an interesting event, you will also be able to meet like people. And if you have already formed the network, you can invite an interesting person for a personal meeting. To do this, choose what is fun for you. The fact that you are not looking for the right person who can adapt, and the same as you do. Therefore analyze behavior on their part. Offer topics of interest to you discuss. And if you find another man the response, and see that your world views are similar, then the task is completed. In your life will appear a man like you, with which you will be interested.


Search also mention its negative sides. If you look for a similar, be ready to receive him with the same negative traits. Will you be able to live with it? Do you forgive yourself any transgressions, or you are looking for a man only similar to you good. Before you engage in active search, take a look at ourselves and analyze possible events. So remember, in addition to new technologies there are mystical factors. They manifest when you visualize events and people. Try to use this technique. Think about what type of person you need is already there, describe it, imagine. The power of thought really works and, at times, is much more effective modern technology.