If you do not complain about their condition, special difficulties in the abrupt change of the place of stay will not feel, some discomfort will be overcome without difficulty. But if you suffer from any diseases of the heart or lungs, take the time to visit your doctor and consult with him as to adapt better to the trip.
In any case, do not forget to take necessary medications, as well as everything that should be in the "travel kit" - activated carbon, nausea, headache, upset stomach, etc. I'd rather not useful at all, but will be in your suitcase.
To go to places with unusual climates it is desirable for at least three weeks to be able to adapt to other conditions, to enjoy rest and then slowly get out of it. Experienced travelers say that even harder than acclimatization in a foreign country, is the reverse process – the return to the old way of life after the trip. Therefore, you should provide a little rest at home, after travel, to not immediately rush into the abyss of work.
A few days before the flight, change your diet. Limit heavy meat and fatty meals (better replace them with fish), eat more fruits and vegetables. But keep in mind that foods such as cabbage, persimmons, kiwi fruit, shrimp and other seafood should be taboo because they are rich in iodine and stimulate the thyroid gland.
Try to soften the difference in the duration of the day. In hot countries daylight hours are longer, and that it was not another cause of stress to your body, give it more light, turn on in the house bright lighting. And to strengthen the body will help a contrast shower and a sauna. Vitamins, especially C and b, is also useful to take before and during travel.
If you have the ability to choose the time of arrival in a foreign country, it is better to plan it for the evening, so that on arrival to take a shower and go to bed. And in the morning, do not rush immediately to taste all the charm of a southern vacation. A couple of days, relax, walk on foot, but not under the rays of the scorching sun, visit the massage and SPA, if possible. From long and tiring trips on trips, as and from the beach, it is better to refuse. Don't worry: missed to catch up another time.
Surely you will be amazed by the local cuisine and want to try. And another try, but just don't rush things, then you do not want to spend a few days on bed rest.