You will need
  • - Slippers
  • - book, magazine, laptop etc.;
  • water;
  • - essential medicines;
  • - candy;
  • - special pillow;
  • - antivarikozny tights or socks.
To carry the most comfortable flight, follow some rules: buy your ticket first or business class because economy class between the seats up very little space, therefore, your body's movement is severely limited. This situation worsens the blood flow, which can lead to serious consequences. To thin out the blood, doctors recommend to drink before a flight aspirin. And anyway, if you suffer from any serious diseases, better before flying to visit a doctor and consult.
Do not hesitate and take your shoes off. Wear Slippers or thick socks. Periodically move your feet, do a foot massage. At least once an hour get out of your chair and warm up, stretch.
Try to escape from thinking about the flight, bring a good book, magazine or laptop with movies.
Before the flight, try not to overeat, drink carbonated water. In the plane with a pick of plain water or juice and drink as much as possible.
If you wear contact lenses, before the flight it is better to remove them and wear glasses, as the cabin is quite dry.
If possible, try to go to sleep to make you more comfortable, take a special pillow for the flight, which will support the head and allow the neck to go numb.
In no case do not drink alcohol, even if you don't have health problems. Alcohol provokes the dilation of blood vessels, and then a sharp contraction. Do not take chances, if you do not know how to behave in your body, it is better to drink a sedative.
During takeoff and landing you can lay ears, therefore take a candy. Also, to avoid unpleasant sensations in the ears widely open your mouth like you are yawning.
During pregnancy, flying is not recommended, but if necessary, then consult your doctor. Be sure to wear tights or socks against varicose veins and bandage for pregnant women.