Determine the cause of your fears. Many psychologists are advised to determine the exact cause of their fears. To overcome apprehension and fear identify just what are you afraid of the plane. You can study in detail its structure, to know the statistics of accidents. For example, according to statistics, accidents with the trains happen more often than with the aircraft.
Mentally take a flight. In their thoughts beforehand to make this plane flight. Imagine yourself going to the airport, checking in, settle in a comfortable chair and take off. Your imaginary flight will be a success. Thus, you tune on airfare in advance, mentally suppressing your own fears.
Talk to people who are not afraid to fly. Before you fly, talk to your friends and acquaintances who are not afraid to travel by plane. Conversation in a relaxed setting with someone you trust that can reassure you and set for success. The day before the journey try to escape from their fears, take a walk, do some urgent chores, etc.
Drink a sedative. To stop being afraid to fly, you can drink a sedative. They will help to calm and confidence. You cannot drink alcohol before flying, as alcohol has a negative effect on the nervous system, from your fears and worries will only intensify.
Please dress comfortably and turn up the music. Clothing for air travel should be comfortable, better if it will not hamper movement. During the flight, turn on relaxing music, read an exciting book, watching the logs.
Breathe correctly. During the flight, breathe deeply, no need to hold your breath. Proper breathing will even allow you to overcome nausea. Learn to breathe deeply and correctly can in advance, even before the expected trip.