The first stage of work

Carefully inspect wooden chair from all sides. To fix it, you will need to disassemble the piece of furniture into components. Remember its design. It is best for a novice wizard to take a picture of the chair from all sides, to then know exactly where and what part is fixed.

Turn the chair and look at the mount soft or hard seat. It can be secured with screws, and can simply be inserted into the slots. Pull it out and set aside.

The remaining legs and rails of the chair separate from each other. If there are screws, Unscrew them. The remaining connections take apart with a hammer and block of wood. All the blows to chair apply only through the bar that you have not formed dents and chips on the wood surface.

Clean all the grooves from the glue residue. Use a screwdriver, awl and sandpaper. Inspect the wooden spikes. If any of them are damaged, pull it out with pliers. Lubricate the deepening of the carpenter's white glue and insert a new one. The rest of the spiked sand.
For repairs of chairs, use a joiner or furniture PVA glue. They have special additives that after drying the adhesive to maintain the elasticity of the connection. During operation of the chair, the tree will not break down.

Assembly chair

Spread newspaper on the floor or plastic wrap. Densely accurately grooves and spikes with white glue, assemble the chair design. Firmly push each joint so that the glue left on the surface. It first remove the excess with a knife blade, and then immediately wipe with a damp cloth.
If the groove is loose and became too large for the inserted spike, will drive the wooden stick, a toothpick or a wooden skewer, fluff them with glue.

Assembled frame of your wooden rarity secure tightly with a rope and leave to dry for a day or two, depending on the ambient temperature.

Update seat

While the wooden frame dries, take a seat. Remove the upholstery with a soft seat. Let's see what condition the foam. If necessary, remove it. Cutting a new piece of foam and secure it to the seat using double-sided tape.

The old upholstery put on the paper and draw around it with a pen. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to the new material. If the fabric is thin, make the backing on the foam of other dense material. Assemble the seat. Obtyanite his new fabric, securing it with the back brackets from the furniture stapler.

Update dried the wooden frame of the chair. Remove old lacquer using orbital sander and sandpaper. Seal all the old chipped plaster on wood. Prime the surface, and after drying apply several coats of varnish with intermediate drying. Insert the seat into place.