Write a plan of activities once a year. This will allow, firstly, to calculate the approximate budget. Second, to distribute the amount of work between employees. Third, if the planirueta attracting sponsors, you will send them directly full list to choose the action to your taste.
Split plan events months. Enter the first annual, permanent. Then a new, not previously conducted. Better to do a table in Excel. This will allow you to edit the plan as you add new shares.
In the table, make seven columns and as many rows as inthe planfocus events. The first column is a sequence number. Mark simply no. The second is the name of the event. Third date. The fourth is the description. The fifth - budget. Sixth - the name responsible for the organization Manager. Seventh notes. Here you write all the useful information that was not covered in the previous cells.
The fourth column "Description" requires decoding. Where you can post a rough plan of the event. How many guests will be invited. Be it a reception or a Banquet. Specify the location (conference hall, restaurant, hotel lobby). Write which companies can be involved as sponsors. What is the purpose of the event. Do I need to pre-order gift products and invitations. All this will help the organization of the event and the approval of its leadership.